Tips and Advice

I do have owned a canal boat for ten years, so here is some canal boat advice based upon my ten years knowledge of owning and sailing a narrowboat (and the odd crash or accident to boot!).

I certainly don’t profess to be an expert when it comes to the canals, and if it’s anything to do with engines or mechanics, I’m definitely a beginner.

Below I’ve tried to link to articles I’m writing on sailing a boat – including advice for beginners (often hire boater advice), and some more detailed Canal Boat Advice for boat owners (such as my experiences single-handing around the network)

Basic Advice for Newbies

If you’ve never been on a canal boat before, then locks, mooring and even steering a boat can be a learning curve.

These articles are designed to give you some insight into the weird and wonderful world of boating.

Please be aware these are my own thoughts, based on my experience. But if you speak to another boater, they may have their own (equally valid) thoughts and ideas!

  • Using a Centre Rope
  • Using a Windlass to open/close Paddles at a Lock
  • Basics – How a Lock Works
  • Going Uphill at a Lock
  • Going Downhill at a Lock
  • Tying Up a Boat
  • Filling with Water

Some Advice for New Boat Owners

The saying goes that you learn from your mistakes. But sometimes it can be a help to hear about other boaters’ thoughts and suggestions – I know the canal boat advice I have received has helped me over the last ten years.

Below are a number of articles based on what I’ve learnt as I’ve gone along. I’m not saying I’m an expert in any way, so any advice or corrections are most welcome too!

  • Emptying a Pump-Out Toilet